The restoration and redevelopment of Hotel Penaga has used recycled materials wherever possible. The roof tiles have been salvaged from demolished buildings in Penang. The timber for structures and floors has been sourced from demolished colonial period buildings throughout the Peninsula. The reconstructed ‘antique’ furniture is from southern China where old pieces are refabricated.

Elsewhere, new materials are generally handmade, like the encaustic cement patterned floor tiles from Vietnam and Indonesia, where they still use 80 year old presses and techniques. Carpets are either handmade bamboo mats from east Malaysia, patchwork kilims from Turkey, patchwork cow skin or sisal from India.

The garden is planted with mostly indigenous Malaysian species, and planting is designed to reduce heat and glare, increase soil permeability and provide as much greenery as the space would accommodate. The swimming pool is salt water to reduce chemical use.

Water for the garden comes from roof runoff. Our tank capacity is 10,600 litres stored under the garden. The kitchen separates biodegradable material for composting.
handmade encaustic tiles

Encaustic (compressed cement) floor tiles made in Jogjakarta

Water is heated using a combination of Solarmate MMS60 solar panels (Transfer only) and Seers Hybrid Hot Water System (Hutton).

This is a new Malaysian product that activates heat exchange from the immediate environment to heat water We have five heaters, model number SI-500l. Clarke uses standard coil heater tanks. Every room has a choice of ceiling fan or inverter air-conditioning, for guests to make their own choice.

We have 99 solar photovoltaic panels from Sanyo (Model: HIP-200NKHB5) that can generate a total output of 20.79kWp that is sold back to the national grid. Wherever possible, lighting is from LED bulbs to reduce demand and rooms are served by a system that automatically cuts off power if guests are not on the premises.

The hotel has been given a Gold rating by the Green Building Index, a first for a heritage building. It takes into account social factors like living conditions and safety on site for workers, for whom we have provided humane conditions. We had up to 100 labourers and tradesmen on site at any one time, under the expert guidance of our contractor, Mr Ooi Ban Huat of O & N Trading and Supply.

Hotel Penaga is the first heritage restoration in Malaysia with a green rating.