June/July 2014 - Dan Wollmering

Penaga Hotel will be hosting Australian sculptor, Dan Wollmering, as Artist in Residence during the months of June & July. During his stay, Wollmering will be researching and documenting architectural forms from a variety of sources in George Town − as a catalyst for new abstract sculpture. Using the rich and diverse cultural make-up of Penang and the built-environment structures emanating from Malay, Chinese and Indian influences, Wollmering will be locating and referencing unique constructs as a conduit to new sculptural forms in his practice. Using mainly cardboard and low-tech construction methods, he will be creating hypothetical sculpture maquettes with a chosen few being made in steel by a local sculpture fabrication firm in Penang. These new works will then be exhibited in the Penaga Hotel and at Flinders Lane Gallery; a commercial gallery in Melbourne that he has been exhibiting with since 1990.

Wollmering has been involved in making sculptures for close to 40 years in Australia. He has 25 solo-exhibitions and work in over 50 group exhibitions in Australia and Internationally. His work is in private, public and corporate collections in: Australia, Canada, China, Malaysia and the USA. He also writes about contemporary sculpture and public art and presents at International Conferences related to his research and practice.

Dan Wollmering holds a PhD, MFA and BA and is a Senior Lecturer in Sculpture + extended media in the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia − where he enjoys the challenges of teaching and research and the energy that students bring to the Sculpture Studio under the motto: ‘think it − make it − talk it.’

Dan will be working in the Penaga Artist in Residence Studio on a regular basis and you are most welcome to pay him a visit and see how the work is progressing. His contact details are: [email protected]

March - May 2013 - Agustian Supriatna

Agustian Supriatna, an abstract painter, was born 1981 in Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia. His composition is very unique. A combination of soft and bright colors, wild lines and brush strokes that create harmony, is bringing the audience to free explore his paintings. He also creates sculptures out of found metal objects.

Indonesia’s famous abstract painter Affandi the Maestro inspired him to be an artist. He studied with Indonesian elder painters and one of them was Roedyat Martadirejda who gave him the task of sketching every day for the rest of his life.

Agustian Supriatna moved to Bali 1999 and has been living there until now. His paintings and sculptures have been exhibit internationally and his recent solo exhibition at Art Expo Malaysia 2012 was sold out.

Represented in following countries over the world; America, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2012 “Unlimited Beauty” G13 [email protected] Art Expo Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
  • 2011 “I love you“ Café Des Artistes Restaurant & Gallery, Ubud, Bali
  • 2007 “Dedicated to my Mum Ratu Permai“ Lidya Gallery, Ubud, Bali
  • 2007 “I’m Scooterist not Terrorist“ Sketch journey on my Vespa from Bali to Lampung, Sumatra
  • 2003-2007 “Studio 3 Owner“ Studio 3 Art Gallery & Studio, Ubud, Bali
  • 2006 “Anna I Love You“ Kwezien Restaurant, Lovina, Bali
  • 2005 “I’m Agustian!“ Momentous Art Gallery, Singapor
  • 2003 “Semangat Yang Menggurat“ Ulf Frolich & Katrin, Private Residence,Cologne, Germany
  • 2003 “Semangat Yang Menggurat“ Café Des Artistes Restaurant, Ubud, Bali
  • 2002 “Bhutakala“ Bali 3000 Internet Café, Ubud, Bali

June/ July 2013 - Barbara Wildenboer

Barbara Wildenboer was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1973. She completed a BA (Ed) with majors in English literature, Psychology and Pedagogics at the University of Pretoria in 1996. In 2003 she obtained a Bachelor of Visual Arts from UNISA followed by a Masters in Fine Art (with distinction) from the Michaelis School of Art at the University of Cape Town in 2007.

Wildenboer has been awarded several international residencies such as the Unesco-Aschberg residency (Jordan, 2006), the Al Mahatta residency (Palestine, 2009) and the Red De Residencias Artisticas Local (Colombia, 2011) and the Rimbun Dahan artist residency (Penang, Malaysia, 2013). In 2011 she was nominated and subsequently selected as one of the top 20 finalists for the Sovereign African Arts Award for which she received the Public Choice Prize.

To find out more on Ms. Wildenboer, visit http://barbarawildenboer.com/

Oct - Dec 2012 - Sangeeta Sandrasegar

Sangeeta Sandrasegar works within a research-based practice, building narratives in which every new work connects to previous projects. Her practice consolidates postcolonial and hybridity theory, exploring her context within Australia and its relationship to migrant communities and homelands. Her work concerns itself within the overlap of cultural structures – sexuality, race and identity, in contemporary society – and interpreting and representing these shifts. These themes are explored through a visual language concerned with shadows. From installations of paper cutouts, material works and/or sculpture, the constructed shadows of the installation become a motif for themes of self-hood, otherness and in-between spaces. By extending the scope of the art object the cast shadows simultaneously engage with the history of the shadow in Art, and hint towards cognitive alternatives and sites of transformation.

In 2004 Sandrasegar completed a Doctorate of Philosophy across the Victorian College of the Arts and the Australian Centre at the University of Melbourne.  The content of the exegesis was to formalize a visual practice centred on the creative space of shadows into a theoretical tool.  She proposed that the shadow subject could be re-examined and liberated from its historical representations and to be employed as both a positive and salient visual device for representing the ideas being examined in post-colonial and hybridity studies.

Sandrasegar has been represented in group and solo exhibitions since 1996, and is the recipient of several fellowships and prizes. In particular, national showcases for emerging artists: Primavera, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, NEW04, Australian Centre of Contemporary Art, Melbourne. As well as the Auckland Triennial and SCAPE: New Zealand Community Art & Industry Biennial in New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art 05, Gallery of Modern Art Queensland. Last year her work was shown in the Incheon Women Artists Biennale in Korea, and Slash: Paper Under the Knife, Museum of Arts and Design, New York.

Links to Sangeeta’s work

July - Sept 2012 - Jumaadi

The King and the Moon

Jumaadi, an artist of Indonesian origin but practicing in Australia, has just completed a three month residency at Penaga with a stunning performance of wayang kulit, the traditional shadow play of Southeast Asia.  This one, though, stretched tradition in a new direction, being based on a Chinese folk tale about the Moon Cake, a timely performance as the festival is just around the corner at the next full moon on 30th September, when children parade through neighbourhoods carrying candle lit lanterns in animal and fantasy shapes. Jumaadi’s wayang was produced with the help of the curator of the Penang State Museum, Puan Haryani Muhamad. Developed with students from KDU and with the puppets made by one of the museum’s janitorial staff, and the gamelan music was provided by museum staff, it was a wonderful collaboration of talent from all directions. We hope the images give you an idea of what the show was like !

June 2012 - Marcia Ong and Hilary Schwatz

Hilary Schwartz

Hilary Schwartz is a sculptor engaged with concepts of domesticity, displacement, temporality, and queer desire. She received her MFA in 2009 from San Francisco Art Institute and her BFA from California College of the Arts. She has exhibited internationally. Most recently, her work has been seen in Etiquette at the Substation Gallery in Singapore, Feeding Ghosts at Kitsch Gallery in San Francisco, and Domestic Materials at PLAySPACE Gallery in San Francisco. Hilary’s work has been featured online on KQED, Art Practical, and SFGate. She is currently a fulltime lecturer at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore. Hilary recently conducted a workshop entitled Play with Your Food at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Hilary is currently collaborating on a series of video pieces with Marcia Ong reflecting upon living together in Singapore.

Marcia Ong

Born and raised in Singapore, Marcia is a filmmaker whose experience covers almost every aspect of the filmmaking process. Her short film, Kristy, has won awards at Kids First! Children’s Film Festival and Pittsburgh International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. It has screened internationally in Amsterdam, Melbourne, Seoul, Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Singapore. In 2010, Marcia completed her latest film, Standing Still, which premiered at the 33rd Mill Valley Film Festival. Marcia Ong recently shot a feature documentary titled Ten Eleven O Two, directed by Mackenzie Mathis and Jellyfish, an independent short film set in Borneo directed by Rosie Haber. Marcia is currently collaborating on a series of video pieces with Hilary Schwartz reflecting upon living together in Singapore.

Artist Statement:

Coded within the domestic spaces, scenes, and objects that I create are traces of intimacy. Susan Stewart identifies narrative in On Longing as a structure of desire that is suspended in impossibility. My own experiences of displacement, nostalgia for intimacy and longing for an imagined home and family, as well as a larger queer narrative of dislocation and isolation, lead me to the subject of domesticity and the making of a “home”. While queerness is not easily read in all of my pieces, it is coded throughout. Coding originates from within a context of marginalization, but moves beyond this in its role as a language of identity and a signifier of shared experience.

March - April 2012 - Thornton Walker

I wanted to be completely open to new influences and subject matter during my time at Penaga as the artist in residence; to absorb the rich culture in Penang and respond to it as best I could, in the studio.

After exploring the town for a week, what stayed with me were the old faded photographs of faces I saw on temple and clan house walls. They resonated for me as a window into the past, a nostalgic glimpse of a rich culture.

I decided to do my best to recreate this feeling in paint. I took snap-shots of these photographs, often out of focus and partly obscured with reflections on their glass frames, and then set about interpreting them in watercolor, ink, acrylic and oil paint.

Oct - Nov 2011 - John Foubister & Melanie Fulton

John Foubister

John Foubister studied a BA in Visual Arts at the South Australian School of Art from 1980 – 1983. From 1984 – 1995 he maintained a consistent art practice alongside paid employment. During these years John held five solo exhibitions, and participated in twelve group shows in Adelaide, and one at the National Gallery, Canberra. He was a founding member of three artist run studio spaces in Adelaide. In the years 2005 to 2011 John participated in group exhibitions in South Australia, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. In 1994 he was recipient of the Rimbun Dahan Residency which provided studio space for one year in Malaysia, with an exhibition at the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur on completion.

From 1992 until 2007 John worked as a recreation provided for people with disabilities. His joint roles included Coordinator and Arts Worker in Art Programs for people with disabilities. John project managed six major disability arts exhibitions in South Australia.

John produces medium to large scale oil paintings which reflect his interest in environment, philosophy and the role of the imagination in creating realities. Most recently his work has been concerned with the relationship between humanity and the natural world.

Melanie Fulton

Melanie graduated from the South Australia School of Art in the late 1980’s. Since then she has maintained her art practice while also working in visual arts related areas. These have included Artist-in-Schools programs, numerous Community Arts Artists with Disabilities, Tutti Inc. is a leading Multi-Arts Disability and Community organization in South Australia.

Melaine’s own work has included the themes of “Home” and the duality of sanctuary and prison; Fairytale and Myth; “Exotic” cultures through the decorative arts and associated natural motifs. Currently Melaine is exploring plant and tree motifs with multiple view-points. Melaine works in a variety of mediums, with a special interest in watercolour painting.

Melaine has exhibited in private and civic galleries since graduation and has work in private collections in Australia, Britain, Sweden and Belgium.

July 2011 - Tim Craker

Beyond the Pail
Tim Craker
painting / sculpture / installation artist
M 0419 295 859, H (+613) 9689 0216
2 / 2a Lyons St. Seddon VIC 3011 AUSTRALIA

April 2010 - The Collaborative Mosaic

Dominic Johns (Australia), George Fishman (USA), Glenn Romanis (Australia), Helen Bodycomb (Australia) April 2010

The Shyness of Trees

Dominic Johns (Australia), George Fishman (USA), Glenn Romanis (Australia), Helen Bodycomb (Australia)