The Gardens

The lorongs of Penang are the back roads, and is also where the garden once was with a three meter wide access lane to remove the night soil. Obviously it is no longer needed for that, so we decided to turn it into our best feature.

By shifting the terrace walls back we widened the laneway enough to make an oasis of private green, so that all the back rooms, half of all in the hotel, overlook both this space and the beautifully restored tiled roofs of the adjacent buildings.

The granite pavement stones were brought from China, and made from ballast in the ships of the 19th century, along with dragon pots of salted eggs. The pots now decorate all the balconies, and are planted with Frangipani trees whose fragrance improves our tropical heat.

The Lap Pool

Our lap pool is long enough for a workout or just a cooling dip, and it has a spa corner for extra muscle relaxation. Built above ground due to the soil we opened it up with a glass wall, which shines like a jewel in the garden at night.

Business Center

Holidays are great, but you still need to keep in touch. Every room has wifi broadband, but we also provide computers, a printer, and all the necessary stationery you might need. Additionally you can enjoy it all with a drink from the adjacent Tanglung Bar.

The Library


If you are looking for somewhere to relax or something to read, be it books, newspapers or magazines it can be found here along with coffee from the nearby Tanglung Bar.