Penaga Spa

Holidays are great, but you still need to keep in touch. Every room has wifi broadband, and we also provide computers, printer and all the necessary stationary you might need, while you

Penaga Spa is inspired by the healing qualities of the indigenous plants of the Malay Peninsula. Years of research have unearthed the many benefits of the penaga tree, which contribute to our holistic approach of well-being. Here at Penaga Spa, we feature ancient remedies and treatments, perfected into a delightful array of spa therapies to rejuvenate the body, calm the mind and uplift the spirit.

Our hallmark of botanical ingredients, infused with repairing vitamins and antioxidants, replenishing minerals and nourishing essential oils, will be administered through the healing hands of our professionally-trained spa therapists to ensure your unparalleled spa experience.

Penaga Spa – a sanctuary of the senses, a haven where you can commune with nature and find equilibrium in life.

The spa has 3 double treatment rooms where you can relax after a hard morning’s exploring and eating, we guarantee you an experience that will certainly invigorate and relax for the rest of your holiday. The Spa opens off the garden so that guests can relax before and after while overlooking the Lorong.

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